Voter Attraction deems to be threat to Environment

  Quickandhra Publication   R ecently political leaders are much aware about the votes rather than Welfare. Many Government Schemes introduced are being a major threat to environment.  Voters also attracted to the schemes of the Political leaders. As demanded as supplied. But the environment damage is more caused by this schemes. At last after effecting the environment negatively the political leaders have to rule burial grounds instead human beings.  F or example water land and trees acts was enacted to protect the water, land and trees. In Andhrapradesh the government of Andhrapradesh had passed guidelines to sanction the borewells near by existing borewells. as per the guideline in the year of 2013 the government of Andhrapradesh acted with much care and caution. The space between the borewells must be followed about 200 meters (Irrigation tanks ). It is a precautionary method to protect the ground water in considering future circumstance.  At present to implement Y
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